It's So Bright​.​.​.

by Searching for Signal

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released August 20, 2009



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Searching for Signal Austin

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Track Name: Like A Feather
like a song
not yet sung
the time has come now
the day's begun
like a feathere
in a storm
it drifts, it floats, it's close to torn
like a crime
without the guilt
there is a treehouse not yet built
like an ocean in a glass
we’re set in motion along the tracks
through your eyes
we're in disguise
we're undefined
through your eyes
we coincide
and it's alright
i knooooooow
oooh ooooh oooh oh oh oh oh ooh
feel the air
let it last
feel the air
take it in
let it last and comprehend
moments clash until the end
feel the air
let it last
from now til then
Track Name: When I Get Home
the sun shines bright

as the clouds get high

the wind will blow

but only one more time

before it's down and out for the count

and it leaves without a sound

that may be a lot like this

it's still a sight you wouldnt want to miss

the bell has rung

you are dismissed

when i get home (3x)

but i would like to see you

when i get home (3x)

i love how i know what will happen before it does
Track Name: Guarantee
i was a dreamer

too close to reality


i'm still a dreamer

and i'm not wakin up

i havnt had enough

you lost control

away it goes

when time was tired of the tired life

i gave you some advice when you slept so long

the whole day was gone

the whole day was gone

needless to say

you cant stay awake

i can relate

life is insane

the sides of this page

are mildewed and frayed

but give what you take

it's a guaranteed way

i was a sailboat

in the wind of conformity

of identity

i'm still a sailboat

and i havnt anchored yet

though the sun is set

you used all of your memories

to mold a thought of recurrent themes

i slept and i dreamtt until the year went straight through my ears


someone told me


its guaranteed

time isnt free

so take it, take it, take it... slow


now i can see

this is my dream

this is my scene

its guaranteed